OFFshore Hub Tools

This is a list of available tools produced by the OFFshore Hub.

Disclaimer: These tools are for illustration purposes only and should not be used or relied upon for design.

Tool One: Rest-to-Release Anchor Model


This tool calculates the embedment and resulting monotonic capacity of a dynamically embedded plate anchor (DEPLA) released from a point above the seabed, but below the water surface, tracking the anchor from release-to-rest (R2R). The tool assumes the anchor has a circular fluke with 4 total fins.

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Tool Two: Sliding PLET Settlement Calculation Tool


This tool calculates the sliding resistance and settlement of a sliding pipeline end termination (PLET). The soil is modelled as a simple 1D column following the methodology proposed by Cocjin et al. (2017) and can capture the rise in sliding resistance caused by consolidation induced hardening.

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Tool Three: Prediction of Enhanced Penetration/Extraction Resistance of Spudcan


This tool predicts changing penetration resistance of a spudcan foundation for mobile offshore drilling rigs. The tool is based on the methodology proposed by Zhou et al. (2019), and can capture a gain in penetration resistance caused by maintained load and reconsolidation processes during the installation phase, as well as extraction resistance after a long-term operation phase.

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Tool Four: Fatigue Damage of Steel Catenary Risers within the Touchdown Zone


This tool uses Artificial Neural Networks to calculate the fatigue damage at tochdown zone (TDZ) of steel catenary risers generated by an irregular sea-state.

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